The Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies (ARRISE) was established in 2010. It is composed by specialists – academics and practitioners – and it defines itself as a professional organization within the International Relations and European Studies (IRES) field. ARRISE was created in order to set up a functional and effective partnership with public authorities and with private legal persons that are interested in this academic field. The scope of the association is to enhance knowledge about and to promote intrinsic values belonging to the area of IRES academic study and research, not only in Romania, but also in Europe and worldwide.

Based on the principle of specialization of functions and of mobility of members, five departments were created in the ARRISE in order to assure a proper functioning and progress of the Association’s activity. Thus, the Department for Publications covers the organization of domestic and international ARRISE events, the management of its academic journal and the promotion of the Association’s image. The Department for Public and Domestic Relations promotes and manages the relations between ARRISE and its partners from Romania (NGOs, central and local public institutions, companies, etc.). The Department for International Relations constitutes an interface of the relationship between ARRISE and the partners it has in the European Union and the international area. The Department for Research’s main objective is to create studies, analyzes or reports regarding the area of academic study and research of international relations and European studies. The Department for Continuous Evaluation of the Quality in Higher Education aims to conduct book reviews and evaluations of book, journal and association releases.

In November 2012, following a spring Bucharest-based evaluation visit conducted by Professor Enrique Banus, Ph.D, ECSA President (European Community Studies Association), ARRISE became a full member of ECSA network, along with over 50 other national and regional academic associations who are interested in boosting teaching and research on European integration.



How can you join ARRISE?

You can apply for ARRISE membership by completing this online form. ARRISE ensures that your data will be used only for the objectives of the association, particularly for establishing contacts between its members.

After completing the form, you will receive a registration confirmation of your adhesion request. The request will be forwarded to the Board and, after its deliberation, you will receive an electronic confirmation of ARRISE membership. Afterwards, you will receive information from ARRISE and you can attend the association’s events as a member.

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