CALL FOR PAPERS Eurolimes 2018 – Territorial Marketing At The European Borders

We invite you to send contributions to Eurolimes Journal, Issue 2018: Territorial marketing at the European borders.

In order to adapt to the new context created by globalization, borders have gained a more dynamic connotation, overtaking their condition of a symbol of a past world, which was too little interconnected. The emergence of regional entities as poles of economic growth represents a new step in the defining and structuring of borders, especially in the era of instant communication and capital market liberalization.

Doing place marketing means designing it to meet the needs of the target markets, in order to influence the behaviour of the target audiences: the inhabitants and the economic agents of the area, the visitors and the investors.

That is why many regions or cities have moved from a narrow optic on the economic development to a wide range of strategies for attracting new firms and keeping the existing ones, for developing trade and tourism and attracting foreign investment.

Considering this context, this issue of Eurolimes seeks to explore the actions of territorial marketing driven in border regions or cities by examining good practices of the authorities or the private actors and multi-sectorial approaches. We also encourage contributions containing reflexions on the identity of the places, studies regarding the strategic objectives of the border regions or their brand policy.


Some of the topics of interest for this edition include, but are not limited to:

  • Positioning the border cities/regions – characteristics, economic and social indicators, growth strategies, differentiation variables
  • Place branding techniques: branding the border cities/regions
  • Marketing strategies for the development of European border regions
  • Key-actors for the development of the regions
  • Competitive identity of the border regions/cities
  • Cross-border cooperation for regional development

Guide for authors

The authors are kindly invited to prepare the paper in accordance with the instructions presented on the Eurolimes website, at: - Guide for Authors

The deadline to submit abstracts is 20 May 2018.

You can send your contributions to the following addresses:

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