CfP: Croatian International Relations Review Special Issue on NATO

Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR)

Vol. XXIII, No. 78 (2017) – Special Issue

The Croatian International Relations review now receives articles for its Special Issue on NATO and its Immediate Challenges in the Context of Current Geopolitical Tensions. This Call is a reopening of the Call from September 2016 due to our desire to promote the topic of security during the whole year. Fast processing and publication of articles is expected since articles will be published as soon as they are ready (ahead of print).

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Special Issue of the Croatian International Relations Review

The most important developments in current Euroatlantic relations are once again occurring on the European continent, especially on its peripheral part. The crisis which is happening around and in Ukraine, which has resulted with Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula, has led to the worsening of relations between the North Atlantic pact and the Russian Federation, but also between the EU and the Russian Federation. The tensions led to the imposition of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation which were partly reciprocated.

Eastern Europe has been again militarizing part of Europe and the latest NATO and EU summits in the summer of 2016 have confirmed additional deployment of US troops on European soil. Is NATO returning to it primary purpose stated in the founding contract of 1949: the defence of Europe?

We invite authors to submit work that would tackle the following and other similar questions:

  • Prospects for the development of relations between Russia and the EU
  • Relations between the EU and the US regarding European security
  • Russian and American global influence
  • Will there be a European Army?
  • Security aspects of the refugee crisis
  • NATO enlargement
  • The role of NATO in the current geopolitical environment
  • The future of NATO

Articles that develop theoretical arguments or offer strong empirical evidence as either comparative or single-case studies are welcome. All selected articles are subject to double-blind refereeing by at least two reviewers. Please consult the Instructions for authors before submitting your contributions.

Articles should be sent to by 7 July 2017.

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