International Conference Migration Dynamics And New Trends In European (In)Security, Third Edition, Cluj-Napoca, 31 May 2016


The third edition of the international conference Migration Dynamics and New Trends in European (In)Security, within the Jean Monnet Module European Security, National and Ethnic Minority Issues (2013-2016), will cover two separate but interconnected topics: on one hand, migration issues, involving topics related to societal security, identity, migration and security, minority rights, minority language rights protection, migration between opportunity and threat, and on the other hand security studies. Case studies focusing on European Union member states, the Balkans, the Caucasus, migrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa are welcome.
President of the International Conference: Prof. Adrian Liviu IVAN, PhD.

Panel 1. Governance, Lobby and Advocacy for sustainable migration policies
The first panel addresses some main challenges towards integrating migrants, making the conjunction between how is state` s security perceived in the XXI century and how minority issues can influence the agenda setting process. Furthermore, our goal is to see how the management of borders and domestic policies can cope with an over increasing pressure upon citizens welfare. Another key aspect of this section focuses on how the European governance (formal and informal) is ready to provide viable solutions to all these problems. An important emphasis should be placed on lobby and advocacy technics that can shape the future trends in migrational security.

  1. EU’s Liberty, Justice and Security Area, limitations and challenges upon migrational security
    "With the support of the LLP Programme of the European Union"
  2. European governance, lobby and advocacy for sustainable migration policies
  3. Future perspectives in mitigating the relationship between EU institutions and migrational security

Main issues to be debated:

  • The role of EU institutional complex in dealing with migration fluxes
  • Lobby and advocacy for migrants integration
  • European minorities governance and public policies in the EU, legal framework and future developments
  • Case studies: Lobby and advocacy for better migrational security dynamics in the EU
  • How transnational securitisation and bureaucratization influence the state’s domestic behavior and shapes organizational policies in a globalized world

Contact person: Adrian Daniel Stan, PhD

Panel 2. Migration- (In)Security Nexus in the EU and Beyond
This panel is meant to underline aspects of the migration-(in)security nexus, emphasizing some of the ways in which indicators such as linguistic, cultural and religious diversity, political affiliation or public discourses can influence immigrants and their further integration or segregation. Last, but not least, it aims to address the negative consequences of extremist anti-immigration groups, who perceive immigration as a threat to national sovereignty while trying to secure their borders.

Main issues to be debated:
Migration - (In)Security Nexus: challenges and perspectives
Political and Military Integration and Segregation
Immigrants’ remittances and their contribution to nurturing terrorism
Management of Illegal Migratory Flows
Terrorism in Europe
Europe in the Age of Societal Security and beyond

Contact persons: Claudia Bogdan PhD /Tunde Nagy PhD C

Panel 3. European Citizenship, Identity and Social Challenges on the New EU Security Agenda

The securitization of migrants and migration is nothing new, but in the new international context, following the 9/11 events and the aftermaths in Europe (Madrid, 2004, London, 2005, Paris, 2015 and Bruxelles, 2016), these issues became a priority on the New EU Security Agenda. This panel focuses on the geopolitics of migration, the challenges posed by the large number of immigrants in EU and the failure of multiculturalism in different Western countries. In this context, we can also bring to the fore media’s role in the securitization process and the debate between national identity and the European citizenship with a special focus on the Roma issue(s). This panel also underlines aspects of the labor market integration and social inclusion.

Main issues to be debated:
Identity vs. European Citizenship in the European Union
“Fortress Europe”: Migration flows - a possible threat to the welfare state?
Media’s role in the securitization process
The Roma Issue on the New EU Security Agenda: possible threat or opportunity?
The second generation of immigrants on EU’s Labor Market
EU’s member state role in social-cultural integration: trends, challenges and ways ahead
Social inclusion of immigrants: a possible failure in the EU?
Case study: migrants from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.
Contact person: Claudia Anamaria Iov PhD

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PUBLICATION The articles will be evaluated by a scientific committee of the conference.

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