Gheorghe Poede

Professor Dr. Gheorghe Poede is the Vice-President of the Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies and Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political and Social Sciences of the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi. He earned the degree of Doctor in Philosophy at the same University, with the theme “Domination and power in Max Weber’s thinking”

Member of the Romanian Association of Sociologists and expert of the National Committee for Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Gheorghe Poede is teaching the following BA and MA courses: “Fundamental Theories in Political Power”, “The Theory of International Relations” “European Political Institutions”, “Political Sociology”, “Processes of European Integration”, ”Social Policies”, “European Security”.

He was a trainer in several programs financed by the World Bank and the French Government – the Program for managerial development of social services in Romania, Capacity building programs for the high officials in the field of social services, etc. Moreover, Professor Poede worked for the World Bank as an evaluator of grants for the counties of Arad and Timis and he was part of the Program developed by the WB for the experts for the National Authority for Human Rights. In 2005 he was the coordinator of a UNICEF research program in Romania, as well as the research director of another program developed at national level by the same organization.

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