ROJIRES – Vol.2, No.1/2013-2014

ISSN-L 2284 – 9882

ISSN 2285 – 3529



1. Andreea IANCU, New Narratives for Europe: Constructing European Union’s Global Role through Human Security (abstract)

2. Mihaela-Adriana PĂDUREANU, The Role of the Democratic Peace Theory in the Evolution of the European Neighbourhood Policy (abstract)

3. Ana Maria COSTEA (GHIMIŞ), The Eastern Partnership: Between Efficiency and Necessity Evaluation of the Bilateral Dimension (abstract)

4. Anastasiia GAVIUK, The Geopolitical Crisis and Instability Factors within the Black Sea Region (abstract)

5. Edina Lilla Mészáros and Ioan Horga, Solidarity and Equal Burden Sharing in the EU over Irregular Migration: Pervasive Reality or Bedtime Story? (abstract)

6. Cristina-Maria DOGOT, A theorist of European Federalism: Alexandre Marc (abstract)

7. Ylljet ALICKA, L’écrivain-diplomate, tradition ou hasard ? Prolégomènes sur le cas albanais (abstract)

8. Bogdan Constantin MIHĂILESCU, Decisionism, Postmodernism and International Relations (abstract)

9. Natalia CUGLEŞAN, 30 Years of Regionalization in France. What Lessons for Romania? (abstract)

10. Mădălina Laura CUCIURIANU, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – An Economic Effect of Globalization (abstract)


Book Reviews

11. Alina-Carmen BRIHAN, Imagining and Shaping the EU’s Future. Narratives for Europe’s 21th Century

12. Mariana BUDA, The Evaluation of Projects and Programs, a New Discipline at the University of Oradea

13. Call for Papers

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