ROJIRES – Vol.1, Nr.2/2012

Roads of Migration. Roads to Migration

ISSN-L 2284 – 9882
ISSN 2285 – 3529



  1. Lehte ROOTS: Sharing Refugees after Lisbon – Solution for the Small States? (abstract)
  2. Adrian CHIROIU: Strategies in the Romanian labor emigration towards Spain: colonists and transnational households  (abstract)
  3. Silvia MOSNEAGA: Building a more attractive Europe: the Blue Card experience (abstract)
  4. Andrei CHIŢU: EU Democracy Promotion in the Mediterranean: What are the Main Challenges? The Egyptian Case (abstract)
  5.  Raluca RĂDESCU: Situating Old and New Minorities within the European Integration Policy: Opportunities and Challenges (abstract)
  6. Maria-Antoaneta NEAG: Romanian Migration through Europeans’ Eyes  (abstract)

Book Review

  • Lucía Ferreiro PRADO:  Muslims and Contexts in the Study of Muslim Minorities. Visible and Invisible Muslims, by Nadia Jeldtoft and Jorgen Nielsen (eds.)

Scientific Committee

  • Enrique Banús (Barcelona)
  • Adrian Basarabă (Timisoara)
  • Iordan Gheorghe Bărbulescu (Bucharest)
  • Mircea Brie (Oradea)
  • Mariana Cojoc (Constanţa)
  • George Contogeorgis (Athens)
  • Gabriela Drăgan (Bucharest)
  • Ioan Horga (Oradea)
  • Adrian Ivan (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Ariane Landuyt (Siena)
  • Francisco Aldecoa Luzzaraga (Madrid)
  • Andrei Marga (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Adrian Miroiu (Bucharest)
  • Gabriela Pascariu (Iasi)
  • Nicolae Păun (Cluj-Napoca)
  • George Poede (Iasi)
  • Vasile Puşcaş (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Denis Rolland (Strasbourg)
  • Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro (Coimbra)
  • Sophie Vanhoonacker (Maastricht)
Editorial Committee
  • George Angliţoiu (Bucharest)
  • Mihail Caradaică (Bucharest)
  • Simion Costea (Tg. Mures)
  • Radu Cucută (Bucharest)
  • Natalia Cugleşan (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Oana-Andreea Ion (Bucharest)
  • Claudia Iov (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Claudiu Marian (Cluj-Napoca)
  • Florin Pastoiu (Craiova)
  • Andra Popa (Bucharest)
  • Adrian Claudiu Popoviciu (Oradea)
  • Alina Stoica (Oradea)
  • Ionuţ Virgil Şerban (Craiova)
  • Luminiţa Şoproni (Oradea)
  • Nicolae Toderaş (Bucharest)
  • Ioana Vrăbiescu (Bucharest)

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